California Universal Health Care Workbook 2/10/2018

Provided as a Service to All California Residents Explaining Cost Appropriate Single Payer Health Care

Chapter Links
  1. California Universal Health Care Workbook Introduction - February 10, 2018
  2. Health Delivery Principles to Consider
  3. Health Insurance History
  4. ACO - Accountable Care Organization
  5. The Collaborative Model (Non-Physicians as Physician Substitutes)
  6. The Managed Competition-Enthoven-Electronic-Technologies-EHR-conundrum
  7. Tax Policy, Economic and Business Policy Issues
  8. Quality
  9. Cost
  10. California State Single Payer Total Health Insurance (SB-562/CSP2.3)
  11. California State Single Payer (CSP2.3) Intents
  12. California State Single Payer (CSP2.3) Benefits
  13. Single Payer / Other Health Systems - Exploring the State Health Insurance Cafeteria
  14. Review of State Business Gross Receipts Taxes - Proposed funding mechanism in CSP/2.3
  15. Medicare Program Essentials - Retired Worker Health Insurance Program (1965)
  16. Media Objections to SB-562 - Researching the Sources
  17. Legislative Objections
  18. Evidence "Biased" Medicine - The "Big Medicine" Whitewash?
  19. Electronic Technology
  20. Excess Profits
  21. The application of Flawed Economic Theory to Medicine. Can we learn from Past History?
  22. Recommended Resources
  23. Recent Legislative Testimony to the Select Committee CA Assembly on SB-562 (February 5&7, 2017)**

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